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Tara - Vocalist

Tommy  Keys/Vocalist


Braxton - Vocalist


Pablo - Bass/ Vocalist


Will -  Percussionist

Mark  -  Guitarist/Vocalist


SmartyPants was the creative brainchild of Tara and Mark who played together in an acoustic band and wanted something more energetic.  


Tara, who had played in the rock/dance band SpellBound for 12 years, had always wanted to do a musical project that featured all the current dance hits.  So, a group was assembled that all agreed it would be the perfect genre of music for clubs that want their patrons to not just sit and watch a band, but rather dance.  SmartyPants was born.  


Pablo our bass player came to us from a hard rock background but quickly adapted his playing style to a funky back beat.  Will, our drummer, spent his college days in an original band and has since played in regional bands.  His blend of acoustic and electronic drums captures the spirit of R&B hits.   Tommy, our keyboardist added that synth sound that is an integral part of dance music.  With Mark holding down the guitar parts and adding synthesized sound as well when needed, the result is a wall of funky sound.  It was a different set-up having two front line singers (a male and a female), but that was what made it unique. Tara has a bluesy style to her voice but she can belt out an R&B showstopper as well.  Braxton rounded out the lineup in 2022 bringing his sultry and sexy vocals to the show.  


We like to think of our shows as an experience, not just another night out at the bars listening to throwback rock.  It’s all new, it’s all fun, and it’s all about the dancing!

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